Primary & Unified Storage

In today’s technology-driven business landscape, data is the lifeline of any organization. Businesses therefore need to invest smartly in data management systems to ensure robust security, enhanced availability and easy accessibility.
ABC Comnet offers you a range of primary and unified storage products of leading brands to help you efficiently manage the growing data in your organization. Our experienced team helps you develop a data storage design that acts a key enabler of your data center.
We help you transform your datacenter from a cost-intensive center to a critical IT asset with highly responsive data storage environment. Our solution provides you enhanced performance and maximum security. It allows you to manage large workloads with ease and efficiency, moving beyond the traditional storage bottlenecks to systems with agile process executions.

Data Protection & Backup Solutions

With the paperless transformation in the business landscape, data has become a highly valued asset. Loss in mission-critical data can have significant impact on the business, from loss in productivity to monetary losses. A storage center therefore should not only make data available and accessible, but also ensure it stays safe and protected from malicious users.
ABC Comnet offers you comprehensive data protection and automated backup solutions in line with your business requirements. We do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach, and hence do not limit you with ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Our skilled team conducts a thorough requirement and business impact analysis to design customized data protection and backup solutions.
Our team offers end-to-end solution, providing you the freedom to focus on core business strategies. With our solution, you can ensure that your data is highly secure and available with minimal data loss. You can also reduce the complexity of your data environment and reduce costs.

Disaster Recovery (DR) Solutions

Businesses today have become more susceptible to disruption. The impact of a natural or manmade disaster, when not managed, can lead to loss of reputation. Effective business continuity strategies can help businesses reduce damage not only to resources and productivity, but also to their reputation and profitability.
At ABC Comnet, we help you ensure efficient and speedy business resumption through our robust disaster recovery (DR) solutions. Our experienced team meticulously analyses your business objectives and requirements. We design a customized strategy that mitigates risks and ensures seamless business operations.
Be it common IT challenges or hardware and network failure, our can solutions help you reduce downtime in the aftermath of a disaster. Our systematic approach enables you to minimize damage and loss, while enjoying uninterrupted productivity.